Students and faculty from University of Azores visit UMass Dartmouth through "Bridging the Atlantic" nursing exchange

Eight students and two faculty members to present on healthcare and nursing in Portugal and understanding the health status of deportees today in Dion Building

UMass Dartmouth welcomes eight students and two faculty members from the University of the Azores this week through the inaugural "Bridging the Atlantic" student nursing exchange between UMass Dartmouth and the University of the Azores. UMass Dartmouth nursing students over Spring Break traveled to the Azores as part of the University's College of Nursing Community Health Nursing Course to assess the health needs of deportees from both countries. 

On Monday the visiting students and faculty were given a tour of UMass Dartmouth's Ferreira Mendes Portuguese-American Archives. The Archives are named for the pioneer Portuguese-language radio and newspaper personality, Affonso Gil Mendes Ferreira, whose daughter, Otilia Ferreira, is the Archives' major sponsor. The Archives house the largest collection of historical material documenting the experience of Portuguese immigrants and their descendants in the United States. 

Today University of Azores students and faculty will present on the state of healthcare and nursing in Portugal and the health status of Deportees from the United States and the Azores. The presentations will take place at 5 p.m. at UMass Dartmouth's Dion Building Room 115. Remarks will be offered by Vice Provost of Academic Affairs Magali Carrera and College of Nursing Dean Kimberly Christopher. 

In August, UMass Dartmouth and the University of the Azores announced the new partnership that created a sustainable international alliance in community health among American and Azorean nursing students and faculty through a generous $100,000 pledge by the DeMello Charitable Foundation. 

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Editor's Note: Photo attached of UMass Dartmouth and University of Azores students and faculty during Tour of Ferreira Mendes Portuguese-American Archives. Photo Credit-Elizabeth Friar

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