2016 2016: The Center for Indic Studies presents Amit Tandon

2016 2016: The Center for Indic Studies presents Amit Tandon
The Center for Indic Studies presents Amit Tandon

Umass Dartmouth professor of engineering and marine science unlocks the mysteries of monsoons.

The Center for Indic Studies invites School for Marine Science & Technology professor Amit Tandon to present a talk on “USA-India Collaboration on Monsoon Observations in the Bay of Bengal.” Tandon is one of several leaders of a US-India ASIRI-OMM ongoing five-year collaboration on observations and modeling the role of the Bay of Bengal. The collaboration includes many US and Indian scientists from about 10 institutions each from USA and India.

About Monsoons

Monsoons spur the life, economy, culture and literature of the Indian subcontinent. While their seasonal patterns are well understood, even a 10% increase or decrease in the Monsoons can result in intense flood or droughts, affecting billions of lives. “Their predictability at a 1-2 week time scale is particularly problematic,” says Tandon. “Predicting rain spells or dearth thereof, is very challenging and a difficult problem to address despite having access to modern technology in coupled ocean and atmosphere numerical models.”

About Professor Amit Tandoon

Dr. Amit Tandon is a Professor at the College of Engineering and the School of Marine Science and Technology
at UMass Dartmouth. Tandon obtained his B.Tech. at IIT Kanpur, and, MS/PhD at Cornell University in Mechanical Engineering. As a physical oceanographer, Tandon’s research involves mixing of the upper ocean at multiple scales in the Pacific, the Indian and the Atlantic oceans, which is critical for the prediction of tropical weather systems like monsoons. This lecture will include research from Tandon’s research cruise the Northern Indian Ocean last Fall.

Tandon, a Fulbright specialist scholar awardee, has published in the Journal of Physical Oceanography, Ocean Modelling, Science (Online), Deep Sea Research, Journal of Geo- physical Research-Oceans, Journal of Fluid Mechanics and Physica-D. His recent publications include “ASIRI: An Ocean-Atmosphere Initiative for Bay of Bengal” and “The OMM-ASIRI Initiative in the Bay of Bengal” in CLIVAR Exchanges (No. 68, Vol. 19, No. 3, Nov 2015, p35-37).

Seminar Details

The seminar takes place Tuesday, April 19 at 4:30 pm in the Claire T Carney Library, Room 206. Free and open to the public. For more information, contact Hollie Jones, Center for Indic Studies at UMass Dartmouth and Ayurveda Journal of Health, at 508-999-8588.