Nursing students and faculty traveling to Azores to research community health issues of deportees

Now in its second year, ‘Bridging the Atlantic’ project continues research completed in the Azores last year related to men who were deported from the U.S. to the Azores

Azores Nursing
Professor Brisbois (right) with Dr. Helder Rocha Pereira, Professor of Nursing at the Ponta Delgada Nursing School at the University of the Azores.

UMass Dartmouth Nursing Assistant Professor Maryellen Brisbois, Full Time Lecturer Stacey Waite and eight students will travel to the University of the Azores, March 22-29, as part of the Bridging the Atlantic nursing exchange. Now in its second year, students will follow up on research completed in the Azores last year related to men who were deported from the U.S. to the Azores. The group will tour healthcare facilities, engage with the community, and embark on cultural trips. Azorean students and two faculty members will travel to UMass Dartmouth from March 29 to April 8.

Students traveling to the Azores include:

Holly Anne Alessi, of Northborough, MA

Jennifer Paula Caetano, of Fall River, MA

Chelsea L Correia, of Dartmouth, MA

Philip Thomas Gill, of Whitman, MA

Ashley Nyambura Gitonga, of Randolph, MA

Tammi Ellen Lynch, of Dighton, MA

Mary Katherine Van Lingen, of Swansea, MA

Paula Jeanne Richard, of Dartmouth, MA

In August 2015, UMass Dartmouth and the University of the Azores announced the partnership that created a sustainable international alliance in community health among American and Azorean nursing students and faculty through a generous $100,000 pledge by the DeMello Charitable Foundation. The group of nursing students will assess the health needs of deportees from both countries.  The exchange is primarily supported by The DeMello Charitable Foundation and the Regional Government of the Azores.

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