News 2022: Mid-semester Parking Update
Mid-semester Parking Update

The Parking Services Office provides updates to on-campus parking issues

Dear Students,

We know there is a lot of pressure on our campus parking. The University is actively discussing solutions with the SGA, listening to student concerns, and planning to expand parking options in the future. We have also increased the frequency of Corsair Shuttles this semester to help. 

Please review the following campus parking policies to help you avoid tickets:

  • Lot 18 is the only free student lot and parking there is first come, first serve.
  • Every UMass Dartmouth student who parks anywhere else on campus—for any amount of time—must register their vehicle and purchase a permit sticker.
  • Parking illegally in fire lanes or handicapped spaces will result in a substantial fine and tow.
  • There are several lots that have special requirements:
    • The Ivy Hall Lot is reserved for Ivy Hall residents.
    • Spruce and Balsam residents can only park in Lots 19 and 20, and ticketing will begin for those who park overnight in Lots 6 and 8 and visitor spots outside the Welcome Center.
    • Students cannot park in the Tripp Athletic Lot when going to the Fitness Center.
  • Review the shuttle schedule or download the BusWhere app to track shuttles in real time. Please remember that shuttles can only pick up and drop off individuals at designated stops.

Finally, please know that unpaid campus parking tickets could result in a hold placed on your COIN account and could also affect your ability to renew your vehicle’s registration or Driver’s License until the tickets are paid. So when in doubt, check the Parking website, email, or stop by the UMass Pass office in the Campus Center to resolve your parking issues. 


The Parking Services Office