News 2023: Matthew Napoli '24 awarded highly competitive Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant
Matthew Napoli '24 awarded highly competitive Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant

Painting MFA student awarded $12,900 from international foundation

Headshot of MFA student Matthew Napoli

Master's of fine arts student Matthew Napoli '24 (painting) was recently awarded the highly competitive Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation grant, an international award for emerging artists working in representational art. The grant of $17,000 CAD ($12,903.26 USD) is awarded to only 40 artists from around the world each year.

The foundation provides financial assistance, by way of grants, to young artists who are pursuing their studies or are in the early stage of their career, are working in a representational style of painting, drawing, sculpture, or printmaking, and demonstrate the determination and talent to pursue a lifetime career in their art practice. In his application, Napoli submitted six paintings, all of which he created within the last two years.

"This generous award represents a new step in my art career, since it's the largest professional support I've received," said Napoli. "These funds will create a huge impact in my work since I’ll be able to fully devote my time to creating the best new work I can, and I won’t be laboring under a restrictive budget that forces me to cut corners with my materials and time. Knowing I have people backing me up in what I do, and now having a big organization like this in my corner, feels like a weight off my shoulders! Nobody ever does it alone."

The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, created in 1955 by Charles Glass Greenshields, aims to help young artists acquire the necessary training, skills, and competencies in the traditional artistic methods.

"Primarily, the award will be used to support my basic cost of living: rent, groceries, and medical expenses," said Napoli. "Some will also be used to fund trips for research, art events, and painting and drawing on location. I may also hire a model or models to help me compose new paintings. And of course, art supplies – brushes, lumber, and more – are no longer out of my reach."

Matthew Napoli, Does a Man Also Eat Himself, Also Contain Poison?, 2023
Matthew Napoli, "Does a Man Also Eat Himself, Also Contain Poison?", 2023

"We extend a heartfelt congratulations to Matthew," said Associate Professor of Drawing and Painting, Elena Peteva. "CVPA's painting and drawing faculty are so happy and proud of him!"

You may view more of Matthew's work at his website and on his Instagram.

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