Graduation Surveys

Exit Surveys

Each academic year, as part of the online application for graduation process, students about to graduate are asked to complete an exit survey developed at UMass Dartmouth. Students are asked questions about several areas of the university experience, including general and overall satisfaction, satisfaction with campus services, satisfaction with academics, and satisfaction with student life. There are three versions of the exit survey: one for undergraduate students, one for graduate students, and one for law students [Note: a modified version of the survey was launched in the 2011-2012 academic year].


Academic Year 2012-2013 Results

Undergraduate Exit Survey: Executive Summary and Brief

Graduate Student Exit Survey: Executive Summary and Brief

Law Student Exit Survey: Executive Summary and Brief


Academic Year 2011-2012 Results

Undergraduate Exit Survey: Executive Summary and Brief

Graduate Student Exit Survey: Executive Summary and Brief

Law Student Exit Survey: Executive Summary and Brief


Future Plans of Undergraduate Degree Recipients ("The Cap and Gown Survey")

Students are asked to complete a brief survey when they line up at the Campus Bookstore in the spring to pick up their caps and gowns for the May graduation ceremony. This survey is known as the Cap and Gown Survey (CGS). The survey asks students about their employment and educational plans following graduation.


Class of 2014 Results

AY 2013-2104 Cap and Gown Survey Report

Class of 2013 Results

AY 2012-2013 Future Plans Results

AY 2012-2013 Cap and Gown Survey Report


Class of 2012 Results

AY 2011-2012 Future Plans Results

AY 2011-2012 Cap and Gown Survey Report


Class of 2011 Results

AY 2010-2011 Future Plans Results