2017 2017: Quinn Harris ’18, scholarship recipient

Quinn Harris
2017 2017: Quinn Harris ’18, scholarship recipient
Quinn Harris ’18, scholarship recipient

Illustration major Quinn Harris talks about how receiving a scholarship has enabled him to pursue his studies, develop as an artist, and engage in community service.

"As a native of New Bedford and its artistic culture, UMassD was the perfect choice because of the illustration program at the College of Visual and Performing Arts. When I was accepted, I was pleased to see that UMassD offered scholarship support to qualifying students of color.

Receiving the scholarship has broadened my educational experience by giving me the opportunity to study abroad and balance my studies with extracurricular interests and service events. For instance, since my sophomore year, I’ve been a part of the Golden Key Honor Society, which is an international society for honor students. In this society, I’ve participated in multiple events such as the T-Shirt fundraiser to support the society and the Chipotle Fundraiser where I supported the local restaurant.

Without a scholarship, it would have been somewhat difficult to gain such a well-rounded experience. With the support of the scholarship, I have been able to perform well as a student, invest more time toward becoming an artist, and take part in organizations. My goal is to increase my abilities as an artist and learn more about the possible career choices open to me. And I believe that highlighting this prestigious award on my résumé may open up more opportunities for me in the workforce."