2017 2017: Sofia Reppucci '17: President, Student Government Association

Sofia Reppucci speaking at the podium, MLK Breakfast 2017
Sofia addressing attendees at the 2017 Martin Luther King, Jr. Breakfast on campus.
2017 2017: Sofia Reppucci '17: President, Student Government Association
Sofia Reppucci '17: President, Student Government Association

As a student leader, Sofia Reppucci '17 has learned the "true power of change."

Student leadership: the true power of change

I've always been involved with student government, from middle school to the big college campus.

At UMass Dartmouth, I've been the Class of 2017 senator for the last four years. I served as the Corresponding Secretary for two years and now serve as the President of the Student Government Association.

This has truly been one of the best experiences I've had here. We serve as the bridge from students to administration, which wasn’t always the easiest path to cross. When you find the common ground, or meet each other half-way on the bridge, it really does show the true power of change. That is what makes it worth it!

Sofia Reppucci - study abroad - Finland
During her study abroad in Finland, Sofia visited the Lappeenrannan Hiekkalinna (sandcastle) with fellow UMassD student Carlos Palacio.

"Growth is beautiful"

Clearly, being a student leader has showcased one of my best traits which is my sense of humor. (Pause for laughter.) Just kidding, and jokes like that over my years are exactly why I am not going to be a comedian.

On a serious note, I've learned to make the best out of everything, laugh when you can, fight when you believe in something, treat others how you would want to be treated, and continue to strive to be better. Growth is beautiful.

Just as being a "student leader" has impacted where I am now, I think it’s important to note: I am not done growing.

Study in Finland: amazing opportunity

Studying abroad taught me a lot about myself. I didn't know what to expect before I came to Lappeenranta University of Technology (LUT) in Finland. The classes were challenging yet fun, the country was beautiful, and the people I met: well, that was my favorite part.

Everyone was so welcoming, and I was truly able to imerse myself in my surroundings. It was a home away from home, and they even had a windmill which always reminded me of UMass Dartmouth.

LUT was an amazing opportunity. I was also able to travel to London, Venice, Munich, Prague, Saint Petersburg, Helsinki, and Stockholm before, after, or during my time there.

Finding the best path

I could write a whole a whole article about challenges, and, in fact, I have. I will emphasize what I felt what was important and that is the following: stand up for what you believe in, remember your goal, don’t lose sight of yourself, and don’t let the little bumps in the road stop your journey. Instead find a different way, speed up, slow down, find a detour, drive through the dirt and make your own road. You will figure out what the best path is depending on the circumstances. 

Sofia Reppucci posing with a plaque
Sofia received the Student Government Association Scholarship from Thomas Mulvey, vice chancellor for student services emeritus.

UMassD's opportunities & influences

UMass Dartmouth will always hold a special place in my heart. I may not have always agreed with decisions or directions that we were headed; in fact, I often found myself vocalizing that to try and find the best possible outcome.

However, over my four years I've really had a lot of opportunity and influences that have shaped me into the person I am today. I know: super corny, but it’s true. I am thankful for the people, the relationships, the personal growth, the professors that go above and beyond, and everything in between.

Perfect fit: major in business

It’s actually a funny story how I decided on my major. In the middle of my sophomore year, my advisor told me it was time to declare a major. However, I wasn’t ready yet. I chose one major quickly, realized it didn’t fit me, and I swapped all of my classes for random classes from each school to see if any of them would spark an interest.

Turns out that business was for me: it felt like the perfect fit. I narrowed it down to a major in management/entrepreneurship and small business in my junior year. Here I am now: from lost, undecided student to an eager, almost business student graduate.

Exploring what the world has to offer

I have a lot of plans after graduation, and I don’t want to give too many of them away. I will be enjoying life and seeing what this world has to offer, as always. I'm excited to be traveling to Canada, Iceland, and Russia in August.

After that? I'll tell you what I tell my family: "you’ll have to wait and see."