Roxanne Leone '94: a leader in marketing

Roxanne Leone's accomplishments include winning the 40 Under 40 Leader Award from Dealerscope Magazine.

Roxanne Leone '94, right, and husband Michael Leone '94, and their children - on the UMass Dartmouth campus
Roxanne Leone '94, right, with husband Michael '94, and children.

by Adrienne N. Wartts

Roxanne Leone '94 knows the art of sealing a deal.

When long-time beau Michael Leone announced his plans to move to Los Angeles to pursue his career in visual effects, she said, "I'm not going with you unless you marry me."

The Massachusetts couple met at then Southeastern Massachusetts University in 1991, married in 2001, and relocated to the Pacific Coast where they both have built successful careers.

Roxanne, who earned her BS in marketing from Charlton College of Business, is a business leader whose accomplishments include winning the 40 Under 40 Leader Award from Dealerscope Magazine.

As a marketing manager with California-based Consumer Electronics and Gaming Company, Leone realized the company needed a brand identity to position itself as a national distributor. She led the project, building both the brand and a diverse marketing team. The company was acquired by a Fortune 300 global technology company in 2008, and in the succeeding three years Leone increased annual vendor marketing sales by nearly 400 percent.

After 12 years, Leone resigned her position in June 2016. Today, she is a consultant in content and digital marketing, enjoying her exposure to multiple industries, including education and finance.

Leone said she chose marketing because of her passion for writing and creative direction. UMass Dartmouth helped her develop that passion with academic work enhanced by internships with market research companies.

As for collaborating with her husband, Leone said, "Mike may bounce ideas off of me, and I may partner with him on communication proposals. He'll get my opinion on his ideas, but he runs his own show."

The couple and their children, ages 9, 5 and 4, divide their time between Los Angeles and Boston.

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