Feature Stories 2017: Meaghan O'Neill '17: Career in animation

Meaghan ONeill
Feature Stories 2017: Meaghan O'Neill '17: Career in animation
Meaghan O'Neill '17: Career in animation

Planning for a career in animation, Meaghan O'Neill '17 is a dual major in graphic design and digital media.

Year: Class of 2017
Dual major: Graphic design & digital media
Minor: Film & media studies
Hometown: Stoneham, MA
Leadership: Admissions Ambassador, president of Digital Media Club

Expanding horizons with dual major

I toured a lot of colleges my senior year of high school, but none of them felt right for me. I immediately connected with UMass Dartmouth. It was a perfect fit for me and had everything I was looking for—a great education, affordability, professors who care about my education, and the exact program I wanted.

I majored in digital media because I always wanted to become an animator. After freshman year, I decided to double major in graphic design, and sophomore year I added a minor in film and media studies.

I’m still graduating in four years, which goes to show you how many options you have as a student, and how well some of the programs work together. I have so much that I’m interested in, and everything that I’m learning will contribute to my career in animation.

College has really taught me to expand my horizons. I had no idea that I’d be double majoring with a minor, but my experience here has shown me that I can do so much more than I imagined. I’m exploring avenues in my education that I never imagined, and it’s making me a well-rounded individual.

Animation and graphic design internship

The great thing about being a double major with a minor is that it creates a lot of different opportunities for me. I have an amazing internship this summer at Cramer, a production company in Norwood, MA.

I'll be working in both the animation and the graphic design departments, which I think is really cool. Any time that I get to integrate my skills is a really exciting challenge. I would love for that to lead to a job after graduation.

couple dancing
(above and below) Concept design for Meaghan's honors thesis, an animation telling the story of how her grandparents met

Dreams of a California career

I'm also interested in storyboarding or visual development in animation. Down the road, I would love the opportunity to move to California and work in the animation industry there.

I contacted department heads from Pixar this past semester, and they looked at my portfolio and gave me really good feedback. My dream would be to work at one of those companies. I hope to find a job that would let me incorporate my passion for drawing.

Creating the Digital Media Club

I created the Digital Media Club because I wanted a club for my major. I’m president, and starting from scratch, I’ve learned how to network to gain membership, plan meetings and events, and so much more.

Starting a club on campus is easy and rewarding. It’s really taught me valuable leadership and teamwork skills.


Great feedback from CVPA faculty

The faculty here have been helpful and inviting. I’ve gotten to know many of my professors very well. I can go back to them and ask for help and advice on projects, even if they’re not teaching my class.

I feel comfortable talking to them and showing them my work, and they always give great feedback. They get to know the students and understand our needs, and they push us to even greater heights than we ever thought possible.

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