2017 2017: Tianna Edwards '18: Internships with a focus on medical research

2017 2017: Tianna Edwards '18: Internships with a focus on medical research
Tianna Edwards '18: Internships with a focus on medical research

Tianna shared her experiences and advice at an Internship Showcase sponsored by the Career Development Center

Year: Class of 2018
Major: Bioengineering, Pre-Med
Minor: Biochemistry, Leadership & Civic Engagement
Award: DCH Leadership Series Recognition
Internship: Dana Farber Cancer Institute, UConn Medical Center

Internships with a focus on research

I worked at UConn Health Center in the Immunology department at UConn Medical School immunology department under Dr. Roger S. Thrall. I really couldn't have asked for a better mentor and Principal Investigator. 

I was trained in lab animal testing and safety and learned how to perform surgery on laboratory mice. This was the first real experience I had with research, and I loved it. I was in charge of collecting and compiling my data into something meaningful that could be presented. The experience led me to solidify my future career goals.

My internship at UConn led to my second internship at Dana Farber. These two internships were focused in the health field and were based mostly on research. I participated in both programs as a student researcher, and learned about surgery techniques and life skills. I gained a lot of knowledge about the research aspect of the health field.

Creating a professional network

Internships provide a network that allows you to explore different fields of study. My internships gave me a sense of direction. They've also introduced me to amazing people who give great suggestions on what I should apply for next. My plan following graduation is to attend medical school.

Student Government Association: College of Engineering Senator

I got involved with the Student Government Association (SGA) in my second year. I was elected as senator for the College of Engineering, which was an incredible honor.

I want to dedicate my time to improving the College of Engineering to meet the students' standards and needs. It's difficult, but I adore the position and the SGA.

Advice to internship seekers

The internship doesn't have to be directly related to what you want to do. You'll have no idea what you might love until you just jump in, ask questions, and try it.