Dr. Shakhnoza Kayumova: teaching the language of science

A $778,770 grant from the National Science Foundation supports Dr. Kayumova's research into the best ways to teach English-language learners the language of science.

Shakhnoza Kayumova

Dr. Shakhnoza Kayumova is an assistant professor of STEM Education and Teacher Development in the College of Arts & Sciences. Learning science and math is challenging enough for many grade school and high school students. Trying to understand algebra, biology, chemistry, and physics while also learning to speak and read English presents an additional layer of complexity.

National Science CAREER Award

Dr. Shakhnoza Kayumova received a grant for $778,770 from the National Science Foundation (NSF) CAREER Award for Faculty Early Career Development to address this problem. The grant will support her research into the best ways to teach English-language learners the language of science — while they are still learning the language of instruction.

In addition to teaching at UMass Dartmouth, Kayumova is involved with the Kaput Center for Research and Innovation in STEM Education. She expects the results of her work to help educators, policymakers, and researchers design instructional programs that support long-term achievement among students who are diverse
in race, ethnicity, culture, and language.

“Through this grant we hope to develop strategies for English-language learners to succeed in science, math, and related subjects,” Kayumova said. “This is a big challenge in communities such as New Bedford, Fall River, and Taunton. The success of these students in developing the knowledge and skills for 21st century jobs will lead to economic success for these communities.”

The NSF CAREER Program is designed to support early-career faculty who have the potential to serve as academic role models in research and education and to lead advances.

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