Feature Stories 2019: Tien Tran '16: Dual major, dual career

Tien Tren
Tien Tran
Feature Stories 2019: Tien Tran '16: Dual major, dual career
Tien Tran '16: Dual major, dual career

Tien is a supply chain analyst for Boeing as well as an up-and-coming vocalist.

Vietnamese native Tien Tran, who earned her MBA from Charlton College of Business, started her American dream as an international student at UMassD. Now, the Boston's Got Talent winner is enjoying a dual career as a supply chain analyst at Boeing in Salt Lake City, Utah and a celebrated singer around the US.

Pursuing a double major

"I was born and raised in Vietnam, I grew up in a family that had been in the retail business for more than 20 years. I have always passionate of supply chain management, yet this major is quite new in Vietnam so I decided to further my education in the US.

When I began researching universities, UMassD appeared to be the only school with a dual major in supply chain management and information system management. My experiences have made me aware of the tight relationship between supply chain management and information system management. Nowadays, information is key. And in order to have information, you need to have the ability to analyze data and manipulate it into useful information.

Embracing academic rigor

I remember how I struggled to learn R in the course POM690 of Professor B.K Rai. But thanks to the valuable skills I got from the class, I stood out from other candidates and became a supply chain analyst at the Boeing in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am proud to be part of a world-class production system with modern supply chain practices and digital analytics tools where I am responsible for applying supply chain management methodologies to ensure coordination in the global supply chain. I also provide support for Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

Completing internships

Before landing at Boeing, I had my first internship thanks to another UMass Dartmouth alum, John Gahliher, CEO of Preferred Freezer Services (PFS), one of the top 3 cold storages companies in the world. When John came to UMassD to give a presentation, I presented my research to him about his company and I found out he had a branch in Vietnam, my home country.

I raised a question about his business in Vietnam and received an unexpected answer “it’s not working very well there.” I was inspired. And I wanted to do something to help contribute in terms of helping his business succeed to create jobs for Vietnamese people.

Not very long after that, the school held a field trip to one of the PFS storage companies in Raynham. This was a golden opportunity that I did not want to miss it. I decided to write a short proposal and handed it to the manager. A few days later, to my surprise, John offered me an internship in Vietnam in order to make my proposal come true. It was an unforgettable experience.

Benefiting from a diverse community

The commonality I share between myself and UMassD is the commitment to diversity. Diversity is not only about diverse population but also the matter of your voice is heard. I never felt isolated during the time I studied there. I performed at International Cultural Festivals, MBA graduation galas, joined many clubs such as SNEEF and Vietnamese Students Association, and participated in many extracurricular activities to learn about and network with other cultures.

Diversity is also an enduring value at Boeing. We believe that diversity strengthens Boeing’s global supply chain by bringing innovation and flexibility to the company.

Gaining support at UMassD

I wouldn’t be who I am today without UMassD's supportive culture. Whenever I had a questions, I always found someone to answer them. Staff in ISSC assisted me with all the international student paperwork and helped me adapt to the new environment in the US. Professors at the Charlton College of Business are great resources for help with coursework. And the Career Center staff helped me to edit my résumé. 

Continuing to grow

Besides working at Boeing, I am also a Vietnamese singer. I usually perform for Vietnamese communities throughout the US. I am a 2015 winner of Boston’s Got Talent by Vietnamese Youth & Student Association in Greater Boston area; and winner of Vietnamese’s Voice 2016 by the Vietnamese community in New England.

In my free time, I record videos and songs to upload in my Facebook and YouTube channels. I love UMass Dartmouth, so I recommended my brother apply and now he is enrolled in the MBA program, focusing on Data Analytics.

Being committed to my interests, and continuing to grow and develop are personal values that I believe have helped me along the way. I am always seeking to create new opportunities. And I’ve learned that believing in yourself, never forgetting where you come from, and always being grateful will carry you a long way."