Feature Stories 2022: Anael Laguerre '22: Stepping out of my comfort zone

Anael Laguerre is a senior marketing major in the Charlton College of Business, and a social media intern for UMassD's University Marketing department.
Feature Stories 2022: Anael Laguerre '22: Stepping out of my comfort zone
Anael Laguerre '22: Stepping out of my comfort zone

Senior marketing major in the Charlton College of Business

Describe UMass Dartmouth in one word.


When did you know UMassD was the right choice for you?

When I became an orientation leader (OL). Working as an OL was really the highlight of my experience at UMassD. It opened so many doors for me where I got to meet some amazing people. This taught me so much about myself which enabled me to grow and evolve as a person. People always say "you can’t grow when you're too comfortable." Being an OL definitely helped me step out of my comfort zone and participate in student life events I would have neglected before. It brought out a different side of me and allowed me to do a lot of great things for myself.

What drew you to your major?

I enjoy creating content to engage with an audience or community. I love being creative and free when spreading a message both in the classroom and in my on-campus positions.

What’s your favorite thing about UMass Dartmouth?

My favorite thing about UMassD is its people. There are all kinds of people from different places on campus, which creates communities within the community that support each other and work together.

What jobs did you work on-campus?

Freshman and Sophomore year I worked at the Leduc Center for Civic Engagement, where I learned a lot about working with others. In the fall of 2021, I worked as a front desk receptionist for the Career Center, before taking over their social media accounts. This academic year, I joined the social media team in University Marketing, where I get to gather visuals to create content for our social media pages.

What advice would you give to younger UMassD students?  

Take advantage of ALL the resources available to you. Participate in activities, student organizations, and clubs. It may be additional work, but you'll meet and network with so many great people, add to your skillset and résumé, and grow as a person. You'll make an impact and realize all the things you're capable of when you have a passion for a given subject/project.


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