UMass Dartmouth professor's new books deal with the pitfalls of economic sanctions and dirty side of the garment industry

Assistant Public Policy Professor Nikolay Anguelov's "Economic Sanctions vs. Soft Power" and "The Dirty Side of the Garment Industry" out this July and September

UMass Dartmouth Assistant Public Policy Professor Dr. Nikolay Anguelov has two new books dealing with emerging policy issues with national and international implications. 

Economic Sanctions vs. Soft Power: Lessons from North Korea, Myanmar, and the Middle East, published this month, examines the industrial growth of sanctioned nations in terms of their ability to foster trade partnerships with countries that choose to evade or not comply with sanctions. The political resilience of rogue and repressive regimes is analyzed in terms of their economic incentives to remain repressive. Dr. Anguelov writes in detail about the 20 years of sanctions in Myanmar, North Korea's response to sanctions, and the implications for competitiveness when the international community chooses sanctions or soft power in dealing with rogue and repressive regimes. 

Coming out this September, The Dirty Side of the Garment Industry: Fast Fashion and its Negative Impact on Environment and Society, looks closely into the textile industry as one of the biggest business sectors practicing labor violations and use of environmentally hazardous processes. The book presents an expert overview of the garment industry, highlighting the harsh realities of the environmental and labor problems that are associated with it. Assistant Professor Anguelov covers current regulatory policies, both national and international, on production and labor, and the author does not shy away from making recommendations for change. Readers will come away with a detailed, holistic understanding of the garment industry as well as clarity regarding the larger issue of finding balance when it comes to the ethics of consumption. 

Dr. Nikolay Anguelov specializes in trade policy, industrial recruitment policy, and regionalization. He has a Ph.D. in Policy Studies with a focus on Rural and Regional Economic Development and an MPA as well as a MS in Applied Economics and Statistics from Clemson University. Dr. Anguelov completed his undergraduate studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology where he earned a double B.S. in International Trade and Advertising Communications and Marketing.  After his undergraduate studies Nick spent a number if years in the private sector as an international trade operative. 

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