2022 2022: Labor Education Center Artist Residencies
Labor Education Center Artist Residencies

CVPA Community Engagement Initiatives is pleased to collaborate with the Labor Education Center (LEC) on two new CVPA student artist in residence fellowships!

Untitled photograph by Mary Roberts
Untitled photograph by Mary Roberts

In Spring, 2022, the Labor Education Center launched their new artist residency program for CVPA students, with Rachel Dufresne (Integrated Studio Arts, ‘22) and Mary Roberts (Photography, ‘22) named as the first recipients.

In the coming semester, Rachel Dufresne, a student artist and lifelong resident of New Bedford, will conduct oral histories with long-time local community labor leaders and activists, and then create illustrated materials to share these stories with the public. Rachel’s experience as a designer of zines, posters, and collages will support this work.

Mary Roberts will work with the LEC as a photographic documentarian of “We Were There,” an interactive and multi-media performance focused on women’s labor history. “I’m excited to work with the Labor Education Center to highlight the workers of New Bedford and surrounding areas through art,” Roberts said.

The “We Were There” program will also feature the involvement of students from CVPA’s Music department.

“The Labor Education Center is excited to work with CVPA students Rachel Dufrense and Mary Roberts this semester,” said Camilo Viveiros, a community organizer and Labor Extension Specialist for the LEC. “We thank Rebecca Uchill and CVPA for assisting as we build on our tradition of supporting cultural work that highlights the stories of workers and marginalized people through different artistic mediums.”

“Tolerance” poster by Rachel Dufresne