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STEM Learning Lab: Aiden Sullivan '25: Software development (major), transfer (CCCC) Ketsia Kiamanga '26: Biology (major)

Undergraduate Academic Program Search

Earn a bachelor's degree in science (BS) in bioengineering and discover one of the fastest growing engineering disciplines, at the intersection of engineering, biology, chemistry, and the biomedical fields.

Go to Bioengineering BS, BS/MS

Major Minor 4+1 Program STEM STEM OPT

Earn your degree in biology. Careers for biology majors include animal biology, biotechnology, botany, education, the environment, marine science, and medicine.

Go to Biology BS

Major 4+1 Program 4+1 Teacher Preparation STEM STEM OPT

Major in bioengineering with a concentration in biomedical engineering. The bioengineering major – biomedical concentration focuses on the biological and medical application of engineering principles in healthcare.

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Concentration STEM STEM OPT

The Black Studies minor offers an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the society, culture, and history of Africans and people of African descent.

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Undecided about your major in business? The Business Undeclared option introduces you to an array of disciplines available for a business degree.

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As a chemistry major, you will study matter and its transformation. Jobs in chemistry include education, forensics, government, law, industry, medicine, and research.

Go to Chemistry BS, BS/MS

Major Minor 4+1 Program 4+1 Teacher Preparation STEM STEM OPT

Earn a bachelor’s degree in science (BS) in civil engineering. Learn how to plan, design, construct, and manage public and private infrastructure and facilities. Explore issues related to sustainability, climate change, and new energy resources.

Go to Civil Engineering BS, BS/MS

Major Minor 4+1 Program STEM STEM OPT

The minor in communication will provide you with tools and techniques to improve your writing, communication, and critical thinking skills: all qualities that employers value highly.

Go to Communication BA

Major Minor

Earn a bachelor of science degree (BS) in computer engineering. Prepare to meet the high-technology needs of industry in this rapidly growing discipline.

Go to Computer Engineering BS, BS/MS

Major Minor 4+1 Program STEM STEM OPT

UMassD’s cybersecurity program offers an undergraduate major in computer engineering with a concentration in cybersecurity: the application of measures to protect computers and systems from unauthorized access and attack.

Go to Computer Engineering Cybersecurity

Concentration Minor STEM STEM OPT

With a concentration in Computer Game Design, you'll explore software technologies relevant to games including programming languages, scripting languages, networks, simulation engines, and multimedia design systems.

Go to Computer Game Design

Concentration Minor STEM STEM OPT

Earn a bachelor’s degree (BS) in computer science. Gain a hands-on background in computer hardware and software. Explore concentrations, including game design, artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

Go to Computer Science BS, BS/MS

Major Minor 4+1 Program STEM STEM OPT

Gain critical understanding of threats, attacks and vulnerabilities in computer and information systems, and develop the skills needed for cyber defense and operations.

Go to Computer Science Cybersecurity

Concentration Minor STEM STEM OPT

Unleash your creative potential! English majors at UMassD can concentrate on creative and professional writing to analyze context and rhetorical problems to compose effective, well-formulated written communication for specific audiences across multiple modalities.

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