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STEM Learning Lab: Aiden Sullivan '25: Software development (major), transfer (CCCC) Ketsia Kiamanga '26: Biology (major)

Undergraduate Academic Program Search

As an accounting major, you will develop outstanding knowledge and skills, pursue career-focused accounting internships, and prepare for professional success.

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Major Minor 4+1 Program

Earn your online accounting degree from UMass Dartmouth. Our accredited online program prepares students for careers in accounting, government, and auditing. Enroll now!

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The minor in Aging and Health offers specialized classes in gerontology and the aging process: a beneficial minor for majors such as nursing and psychology.

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Earn your degree in animation: The BFA for animation and game arts integrates digital art, technology, animation, multimedia, 2D/3D design, web design, and virtual reality.

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Concentration Minor

The major in sociology and anthropology offers a concentration in anthropology, with a focus on different aspects of culture and cultural differences.

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Concentration Minor

UMassD’s math major offers an option in Applied & Computational Mathematics: computation-oriented courses that emphasize the mathematics that solves problems in business, and other fields.

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Concentration STEM STEM OPT

Provides students with a robust training in ethical issues in medicine, business, technology, politics, law, the environment, and other areas.

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UMassD’s math major offers an concentration in Applied Statistics with a core of courses covering randomness and reasoning under uncertainty emphasizing concepts, principles, and methodology needed for data analysis, decision making, and computing for applied problems that involve uncertainty.

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Concentration STEM STEM OPT

Centered on studio practice, the art education major is a professional degree that prepares you for elementary or secondary school teaching and other learning environments.

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Major in art history. Explore art, architecture, and culture. Develop your visual skills. Prepare for careers in appraisal, museums, conservation, management, and more.

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Major Minor

Study computer applications and information science applicable to fields that require intelligent software systems with a BS degree in computer science with a concentration in artificial intelligence.

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Concentration Minor STEM STEM OPT

For students who are undecided about a major: Arts & Sciences Undeclared lets you explore a variety of majors and disciplines to help you make a decision about your major.

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Pursue a bachelor of science degree (BS) in physics with a concentration in astronomy and astrophysics. Investigate the universe, research black holes, dark matter, and supernovae. Prepare for a career in areas of theoretical and applied science.

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Concentration STEM STEM OPT

The bachelor’s degree program in chemistry offers a biochemistry option. As a biochemistry major, you will be prepared for biochemistry careers in forensics, government, or research.

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Concentration Minor STEM STEM OPT

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