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STEM Learning Lab: Aiden Sullivan '25: Software development (major), transfer (CCCC) Ketsia Kiamanga '26: Biology (major)

Undergraduate Academic Program Search

Earn a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with a concentration in environmental resources engineering. Apply principles and processes to solve pollution, renewable energy, and more.

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Concentration STEM STEM OPT

As a fashion design major, you’ll focus your creativity, develop technical skills, and prepare for careers in apparel design, manufacturing, and the retailing industry.

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Concentration Minor

The minor in film & media studies at UMass Dartmouth explores historical contexts, theoretical perspectives, and social and political questions surrounding film, photography, animation, and new media.

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Pursue a degree in finance. The major in finance introduces you to the discipline’s analytical tools, and internships in finance help you explore career opportunities.

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Major Minor 4+1 Program

Earn your finance degree online. Charlton's online bachelor in finance program prepares you in the theory and practice of financial management.

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For the minor in fine arts at UMass Dartmouth, you’ll select courses from drawing, painting, printmaking, and sculpture within the Art and Design Department.

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Study the culture and language of the French-speaking world. A minor in French opens doors for careers in business, law, education, government service, and translation.

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Complete your degree in business administration. The major in business administration is designed for mid-career students returning to college to complete their undergraduate degrees.

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Major Minor 4+1 Program

Gain management skills for career advancement with an online degree in business administration.

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The minor in global health explores issues affecting world health. Global health studies inspire an understanding of pandemics, natural disasters, and other global problems.

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Pursue your BFA in graphic design. Create art with a purpose: learn to communicate visually and work within the context of the message, the audience, and the technology.

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Concentration Minor

The Health and Society bachelor's degree program explores perspectives on health and health care. As a health and society major, prepare for careers in health policy and related fields.

Go to Health and Society BA, BS


Prepare for jobs in healthcare administration with a BS degree in Healthcare Management.

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Major 4+1 Program

Advance your career in the healthcare industry to manager or supervisor jobs with an online bachelor's degree in healthcare administration.

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