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STEM Learning Lab: Aiden Sullivan '25: Software development (major), transfer (CCCC) Ketsia Kiamanga '26: Biology (major)

Undergraduate Academic Program Search

Major in history to gain an understanding of U.S. and world history. Jobs for history majors include careers in civil and foreign service, education, government, law, and public policy.

Go to History BA

Major Minor 4+1 Program 4+1 Teacher Preparation

Deepen critical thinking, communication skills, and historical perspective. Prepare for a wide range of careers with the 100% online BA in History.

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Earn a degree in human resource management to prepare you to recruit, train, and develop employees, and successfully manage the people-related practices within organizations.

Go to Human Resources Management BS

Major Minor 4+1 Program

Your studies will focus on the understanding and application of meaning as it applies to visual communication. You'll explore the art of telling a story through images.

Go to Illustration BFA

Concentration Minor

The BFA in Art + Design: Integrated Studio Arts is designed for art and design students interested in developing and combining skills across the visual arts.

Go to Integrated Studio Arts BFA

Concentration Minor

Prepare for a career in interior design with a BS in Interior Architecture + Design. The interior design major offers state-of-the-art design technology, interior design internships, and opportunities to build your portfolio.

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Pursue an international business undergraduate minor through a combination of classes, international experience, and language study.

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Major in political science with a concentration in international politics, with a focus on global issues, international business, development, and diplomacy.

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The interdisciplinary minor in leadership and civic engagement complements any major, offering the opportunity to promote positive social change.

Go to Leadership & Civic Engagement


Minor in legal studies to learn how law shapes and is shaped by historical, political, economic, and social forces.

Go to Legal Studies


Earn your degree in the liberal arts, with concentrations in the humanities, social sciences, and interdisciplinary areas. Jobs for liberal arts majors are available in varied professions.

Go to Liberal Arts BA

Major 4+1 Program 4+1 Teacher Preparation

Prepare for a wide range of careers as you learn to think critically, write clearly, and communicate effectively in this 100% online Liberal Arts degree.

Go to Liberal Arts BA Online

Earn your degree in English with a concentration in literature and criticism. Jobs for literature majors include careers in communications, editing, writing, teaching, and social media.

Go to Literature and Criticism

Concentration Minor

Earn a degree in business management. As a business management major, you will develop your analytical skills and learn how to supervise others and how to advance organizational goals.

Go to Management BS

Major Minor 4+1 Program

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