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STEM Learning Lab: Aiden Sullivan '25: Software development (major), transfer (CCCC) Ketsia Kiamanga '26: Biology (major)

Undergraduate Academic Program Search

Major in Spanish major to advance your language skills and develop your awareness of the Spanish-speaking world. A degree in Spanish prepares you for a variety of careers.

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Major Minor 4+1 Program 4+1 Teacher Preparation

Minor in sustainability to enhance your employment opportunities in businesses, public agencies, and nonprofit organizations.

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The minor in urban studies takes an interdisciplinary approach to studying the social, cultural, economic, and political issues that intersect in urban space.

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The interdisciplinary major in women's and gender studies places women's and men's experiences at the center of inquiry.

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Major Minor

Major in Women's & Gender Studies and place women's and men's experiences at the center of inquiry—as subjects rather than objects. This interdisciplinary field spans crime and justice studies, history, literature, philosophy, political science, and sociology/anthropology.

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Major in English with a concentration in writing, rhetoric & communication. Develop your professional and creative writing abilities.

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