Kelsey Craveiro '12: Recipient of Kingston-Mann Student Achievement Award

Kelsey Craveiro received a prestigious award for her Crime and Justice Studies seminar research paper.

‌Kelsey Craveiro ’12 recently received the Kingston-Mann Student Achievement Award for Student Contributions to Diversity and Inclusion.

UMass Boston's prestigious award program recognizes undergraduate students from area colleges for research that expands the understanding of diversity by connecting new ideas and experiences with traditional disciplines. The program sets out to show that students are not only consumers of research and knowledge, but producers as well.

Kelsey earned the award for the research paper she wrote for her senior Crime and Justice Studies seminar: “From Revolutionary to Mainstream: Hip Hop's Cooptation by White Corporate America."

"This award was a wonderful validation of all my hard work my senior year at UMass Dartmouth," Kelsey said. "It was gratifying to work on something the entire semester and subsequently receive recognition for it."

Now a second-year law student at Quinnipiac University, Kelsey acknowledges associate professor Dr. Viviane Saleh-Hannah, of the Crime and Justice Studies Department, as one of her mentors.

"The classes that I took with Prof. Saleh-Hanna helped me realize that the criminal justice system is a broken one and will continue to be broken unless someone takes a stand," Kelsey said. "Taking these classes resulted in a total transformation of my views on crime and justice."

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