Meg Cichon: Science editor at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory

Meg Cichon MA '15 uses the skills she learned in the Professional Writing Program to write for new audiences and new purposes.

While leisurely searching the LinkedIn job postings following her graduation with an Master of Arts in Professional Writing, Meg Cichon MA '15 found her newest opportunity: a job opening for a science editor at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory. The Lincoln Lab is a Department of Defense Research and Development Laboratory that conducts research and development aimed at solving problems critical to national security.

As the science editor, she works on science-heavy articles daily and helps to communicate the Lab's projects, which include air and missile defense, space surveillance technology, tactical systems, biological and chemical defense, homeland protection, communications, cyber security, and information sciences.

Seizing a great job opportunity

Meg seized this great job opportunity when she wasn't even aggressively job-hunting. She always keeps her eye out for new, exciting opportunities.

"I wasn't in dire need of a new position, but I always keep my eye on the LinkedIn job boards for new opportunities," Meg said. "You never know what can pop up."

She applied for the job and was offered the position after the second interview. "I had felt good about the interviews, and the office seemed like a good atmosphere and fit," Cichon said. "I wanted the job, so those phone calls were a huge relief and very exciting."

Using the skills she learned in the Master's of Professional Writing Program, Meg adapts her writing for new audiences and new purposes, analyzes every article she writes, and revises over and over again.

Utilizing skills that were part of almost every class

"I took a lot of technical communication courses, which has greatly helped me write science-heavy articles," she said. "And I utilize a lot of the techniques and skills that were part of almost every class I took in the program."

But it wasn't just the classes that helped her gain her newest position. "The faculty in the program gave me some great, unbiased advice when I was weighing job options," Meg said. "And I greatly appreciated it."

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