Crime and Justice Studies alumna finds her calling for business

While working as an insurance underwriter for Sun Life Financial, Elizabeth Beshansky decided it was time to earn her MBA.

Headshot of Elizabeth Beshansky

By: Chelsea Cabral

Among the first class to officially graduate under the Crime and Justice Studies major in 2006, Elizabeth Beshansky spent years working as a waitress and a home health care specialist. In 2014, she finally secured a position as an insurance underwriter for Sun Life Financial.

While working as an insurance underwriter, Beshansky developed a newfound interest in business, and she is now on the path towards earning her MBA from Boston University.

"The biggest benefit of working at such a great company is that they help their employees grow in their professional lives by seeing what may be a good fit for them and by helping them mold their own path within the company," said Beshansky.

Opportunities helped lead alumna on the right path

Like graduates from many other universities, Beshansky's career trajectory shifted following her graduation in 2006. "You may not do exactly what you were meant to do following graduation," she said. "But you will have opportunities to find what you want to do once you've received your degree." 

For Beshansky, her time at UMass Dartmouth was enriched by the commitments she made as a class officer, member of the Student Senate, and a leader of her sorority, Alpha Sigma Tau. It was those opportunities that contributed to her current success in graduate school.

Crime and Justice Studies degree provided real-world knowledge

Beshansky believes there is value in obtaining a liberal arts degree. Her degree granted her exposure to real-world knowledge and skillsets and have opened doors for boundless opportunities. 

"Students should take full advantage of everything UMass Dartmouth has to offer because time spent out of the classroom is just as valuable as the time spent in the classroom," said Beshansky. "Alongside the knowledge gained from my degree, I gained invaluable social and networking skills that have contributed to my success since graduation."

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