Feature Stories 2017: Lexie Almeida: Admissions ambassador

Lexie Almeida '20, Biology
Feature Stories 2017: Lexie Almeida: Admissions ambassador
Lexie Almeida: Admissions ambassador

Lexie Almeida '20 chose a biology major to prepare for a future as a physical therapist.

Plans to become a physical therapist

Since childhood, I was always the girl who loved working with and helping people. It was something that always came naturally to me.

Two years ago, I injured my knee playing ice hockey. My doctor recommended that I go to physical therapy for 9 months to recover. As soon as I started, I fell in love with the idea of becoming a physical therapist. It’s a job that would allow me to be active and help people.

I majored in biology because it will help me work towards my goal. After I graduate, I hope to attend Boston University for their physical therapy program. I plan to eventually get my doctorate and work in a hospital.

Belonging to the UMassD community

I chose UMass Dartmouth because being close to home was important to me. As a commuter, I’ve learned that whether or not you live on campus, there’s always a way to get involved. College is what you make of it.

UMassD is special because no matter what, you always feel a sense of belonging to the campus. The faculty really want you to succeed. The professors and staff I’ve worked with provide endless support.

Admissions ambassador

I love being an admissions ambassador. It has allowed me to help many people, from future students to my co-workers. I always look forward to going to work and doing what I love.

My daily tasks range from giving tours of the campus to calling accepted students to helping admissions counselors. 

I feel a strong sense of belonging to the office. The opportunity has helped me adjust to my first year of college tremendously.

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