Feature Stories 2017: Victoria Carter: Future in clinical psychology

Tori Carter
Feature Stories 2017: Victoria Carter: Future in clinical psychology
Victoria Carter: Future in clinical psychology

Victoria Carter '18 found her passion for psychology after taking elective courses.

Interest in school counseling

I entered UMassD as undeclared, but decided to major in psychology after taking a couple of electives. I find psychology interesting because aspects of it can be seen every day in various parts of life.

I’ve always known that I wanted a career doing something to help people, and I’ve always wanted to work with children.

After I graduate, I plan to continue my education. I want to get my master’s degree in school counseling and work at an elementary school counseling students with family problems and educational or social difficulties.

Eventually, I would like to earn my PsyD and become a clinical psychologist. My classes at UMassD are already preparing me for that career path. This year, I'm taking the first of three counseling courses offered.

UMassD: warm & welcoming

I chose UMass Dartmouth because of its warm and welcoming atmosphere. You feel a sense of community while walking around campus.

My experiences working with UMassD faculty have been very positive. There are so many professors who are passionate about what they do and who truly want to see you succeed.

Prof. Rivera puts a lot of effort into teaching her students, and you can tell she enjoys what she does. She’s always there for her students and wants to see them grow and succeed in her class.

Learning time management

I’ve made so many connections through the Admissions office. As an ambassador, I have the opportunity to give tours to prospective students and their families, as well as help organize large events such as Accepted Student Days and Open Houses.

Having a job on campus has helped me learn how to manage my time and find a balance between classes, work, and spending time with friends. The job has also helped me break out of my shell. Before college, I was extremely shy. Being an ambassador has helped me speak up and voice my opinions.

Volunteering in the community

I’m part of the Helping Each Other Rise Organization (HERO). The club focuses on empowerment among the student body and giving back to our community.

One weekend a month, we go to St. Martin’s Food Pantry in New Bedford and help out by collecting, organizing, and giving out canned goods. The first time I volunteered, St. Martin’s gave winter jackets to those in need. It warmed my heart to see how thankful they were to have a jacket to wear. The moment had a huge impact on me.

Every student should get involved with a couple of groups or organizations on campus. Getting involved will make your experience at UMassD better. You’ll meet and connect with so many new people.

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