Jarell Samuel '18: Medical technologist at Massachusetts General Hospital

Jarell Samuel '18 majored in MLS to fulfill his lifelong dream of being a scientist.

Jarell Samuel

Choosing UMassD

I had a few other schools in mind, but I chose UMassD because of its wonderful campus community and its excellent medical laboratory science (MLS) program. Everyone here is friendly, and many take the extra step to make you feel welcome.

I'm in the clinical option of MLS. What interested me was the abundance of lab work. Ever since I was little, I told everyone that I wanted to be a scientist. I envisioned myself wearing a white lab coat and looking at all types of patient samples, and that's exactly what I do.

Passion for transfusion medicine

During the intersession, I took Immunohematology, as required for my major, and immediately fell in love with it.


My hope was that during my clinical rotation in the blood bank at Massachusetts General Hospital, I would still have an interest in and appreciation for transfusion medicine in a clinical setting. Upon finishing the rotation, I knew it was the field that I wanted to work in.


Next step: medical technologist


During my last week in the blood bank, I applied for and was offered a position and gladly accepted it. After graduation, I will begin working as a medical technologist in the blood bank at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Working with faculty

I’ve had nothing but pleasurable experiences with the faculty. Everyone that I’ve worked with or learned from has benefited my life and helped shaped me into the person I am today.

My favorite professor is Prof. Scarano. He’s such a nice guy, and he really tries to help his students understand the material and do well in his classes. He’s very easy to approach and talk with about anything going on in your life.

Learning as an admissions ambassador

I’m an Admissions Ambassador here. I love the job because it’s helped to make me a more outgoing, social person. I’ve made at least a dozen new friends, and I’ve learned how to communicate in and out of the work field.

The program has taught me to be more vocal and to be less shy when it comes to public speaking. I now look forward to speaking in front of groups of people and I'm passionate about the information I give to prospective students because I know that it greatly affects their college decision.

My advice for future students is to buckle down and focus on schoolwork right from the beginning. It’s a lot easier to learn as you go than to have to play catch up.

I’ve learned that there are many opportunities to make friends and to get involved; you just have to put yourself out there.

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