2018 2018: Corsair Rep Jazmine Jimenez '20

Jazmine Jiminez '20 - Admissions Corsair Rep
2018 2018: Corsair Rep Jazmine Jimenez '20
Corsair Rep Jazmine Jimenez '20

Sharing the UMassD experience with prospective students

As an Admissions Corsair Rep, Jazmine Jimenez '20 shares her positive experiences at UMassD with future students through social media.

Marketing major with career goals in sight

I chose to major in marketing because, as a sophomore in high school, my mentor suggested marketing as a career path. She was a footwear designer at Converse, Inc., and she introduced me to something she thought I would be good at and enjoy. Ever since, all the jobs I have pursued have involved some type of marketing, and I am very excited to jump-start my career in the field soon.

Following graduation, I plan to work full-time at Converse, Inc., headquarters in Boston. I hope to be a product line marketer, a global merchandiser, or a designer.

Meeting Dr. Anthony Baird, who is the director of corporate program development for the Charlton College of Business, has been a highlight of my studies in marketing. Participating in his career workshops has been a strong influence on my career development.

Founding sister, campus chapter of National Latin Sorority

Being a founding sister of our Gamma Gamma Chapter of Chi Upsilon Sigma National Latin Sorority has been such a beautiful, humbling experience. Since our founding, we have had two additional pledge classes and have grown into a chapter of fourteen.

It is hard work but the results are all worth it. Ever since we brought the first independent Latina sorority to this campus, Greek culture and unity have changed for the better, and that was exactly our goal. Seeing all these Greeks of different backgrounds collaborate and become a united platform for many social, political, cultural, and educational issues, acrosss campus and throughout the world, is beautiful. 

Becoming a leader on campus

Being a leader is a quality I have valued since I was young. When I came to UMass Dartmouth, I knew I wanted to be a leader in my community in some way. First, I became an Orientation Leader. With that experience, I became a Resident Assistant—and my definition of being a leader became a little different. Now, as a Corsair Rep, I'm a leader of a wider scope of young people. Being able to serve as a guide and mentor and to influence a new generation of first-year students has been very rewarding. 

Valuing campus diversity

UMass Dartmouth is special in that we are not a school in which everyone is the same. We are extremely diverse across the spectrum, but everyone accepts everybody else. I feel as if everyone is willing to learn something new and is open to new ideas, cultures, and concepts. We truly offer what Chancellor Johnson describes as "a private school experience with a public university value."

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