2018 2018: Stokesbury awarded $302,091 NOAA grant

Prof. Stokesbury demonstrates the new SMAST East digitizing lab to students.
Prof. Stokesbury demonstrating SMAST East's new digitizing lab to students
2018 2018: Stokesbury awarded $302,091 NOAA grant
Stokesbury awarded $302,091 NOAA grant

For sea scallop research using his underwater, high-resolution drop-camera array

Kevin Stokesbury, professor at the School for Marine Science & Technology (SMAST), received a $302,091 award from NOAA Fisheries Northeast Fisheries Science Center and the New England Fishery Management Council for sea scallop and other research using his underwater, high-resolution drop-camera array.

The grant supports a series of studies that use methods and equipment developed at SMAST:

  • The Patagonian scallop study focuses on the scallop fishery off the coast of Argentina, which serves as a food supply for North American, Asian, and European markets. Kyle Cassidy ’18 is conducting the survey in collaboration with Clearwater Fisheries and Argentina’s governmental fisheries research institute.
  • Craig Lego, a master’s degree candidate at SMAST, is pursuing an ongoing U.S. Atlantic sea scallop study in the Nantucket Lightship area. Working with fishermen, he is examining the dynamics between sea scallops and sea stars, which eat scallops.
  • Laboratory Technician Amber Lisi ’17 is working with scientists at Acadia University in Nova Scotia, to gather information on the state of the province’s Atlantic sea cucumber population. The data will enable comparisons to be made as the fishery develops.

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