News 2020: New update from Dean Kimberly Christopher
New update from Dean Kimberly Christopher

Two in-person undergraduate nursing classes and one MLS class will switch to remote delivery while clinical experiences remain at health care agencies

Nursing students in lab

Dear College of Nursing & Health Sciences Students and Families,

All of us in the College of Nursing & Health Sciences (CNHS) look forward to welcoming our students to a new academic year in just a few weeks. As we approach the start of our fall semester, I am providing an update on a minor change in our course modality. 

This week, Acting Chancellor Mark Preble announced that all courses, except for clinical and laboratory courses, will be conducted remotely. This has had a limited impact on programs in CNHS since only two undergraduate nursing classes and one undergraduate Medical Laboratory Science class will change from face-to-face to remote delivery.

As indicated previously, all CNHS students will still have hands-on clinical experiences at health care agencies.  Our commitment to ensure the health and safety of our students and faculty can be read here.

While the Chancellor also stated that the number of students residing on campus will be reduced, all CNHS students enrolled in laboratory and clinical courses are eligible for on-campus housing.   

It may seem that our semester keeps changing as we try to anticipate and manage all possibilities as best we can. I empathize with all of you in having to make these unexpected adjustments– whether you are a first-year student who could not enjoy the traditional senior year of high school celebrations or a returning student whose semester transitioned abruptly from on-campus to remote learning. We realize that the fall semester will not be the experience our first-year and returning students expect.

However, I urge you to keep the longer view in mind. While these changes will affect the fall semester, Nursing and Medical Laboratory Science programs require eight semesters of study. We will transition back to the typical college experience you are expecting as soon as it is safe to do so.

Staying on track, semester by semester, to achieve your degree is critical for your career goals in the healthcare field. Our faculty are working diligently to ensure an excellent educational experience this fall and throughout the upcoming academic year. We are excited to see you in our hallways and laboratories soon.


Kimberly Christopher, PhD, RN

Dean and Professor

College of Nursing & Health Sciences