News 2020: Engineering staff recognized for outstanding service
Engineering staff recognized for outstanding service

Anne-Marie Bedard and Fernanda Botelho are the recipients of the 2020 College of Engineering award for exemplary service to students, faculty, and staff.

Achievement award ribbon

Anne-Marie Bedard (Physics department) and Fernanda Botelho (Electrical and Computer Engineering department) are the recipients of the inaugural 2020 College of Engineering Award for Outstanding Staff. They are recognized for exemplary service, notable contributions to the community of faculty, students, and staff, and demonstrating a strong commitment to the college values.

The review committee noted Anne-Marie’s and Fernanda’s ability to make quick decisions and carry out all duties with poise, show excellent emergency management skills, make their departments feel like home, and go above and beyond to connect with students all while demonstrating knowledge of university policies, procedures, and resources.

“Our staff play an important role in meeting the teaching, research and service missions for our college.  I am grateful to have Fernanda and Anne-Marie on our team and their dedication to our college,” says Jean S. VanderGheynst, dean of the College of Engineering at UMass Dartmouth.

In recognition of their contributions, Bedard and Botelho have each received a $500 award.