News 2021: Professor Rebecca Hutchinson featured in groundbreaking exhibition
Professor Rebecca Hutchinson featured in groundbreaking exhibition

CVPA Ceramics Professor work part of international Particle & Wave: PaperClay Illuminated

Hutchinson Art

UMass Dartmouth CVPA Professor Rebecca Hutchinson (Art & Design) is being featured in the groundbreaking exhibition Particle & Wave: PaperClay Illuminated. This is the largest and first international traveling paperclay exhibition in the world, with a selection of artists from five different continents.

Paperclay is created by mixing paper pulp and other organic fibers into clay. This makes the clay both stronger and lighter, allowing artists to sculpt in ways that would not be possible using traditional methods.

Hutchinson is among 45 other artists being recognized for this technique and for redefining the potential of the ceramic arts. The exhibition showcases a dizzying diversity of expressive possibilities inherent in paperclay as a medium. Hutchinson is known for her site-specific large-scale installations as well as her commitment to the craft, giving workshops internationally.

Hutchinson Art 2
Tri-Part Purple by Rebecca Hutchinson

Included in this exhibition is her “Tri-Part Purple”—a dynamic colorful sculptural wall piece featuring upcycled handmade paper, harvested willow, and paperclay to show beautiful natural growth patterns navigating the boundaries of the structural willow frame.

The show can be seen at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA, now until June 6, 2021. It is open to the public, Tuesday-Sunday, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. A virtual tour of the exhibition is available on the Fuller Craft Museum's website.

Particle & Wave: PaperClay Illuminated is organized by The International Paper Clay Exhibition Project, curated by Peter Held, and sponsored by the Caroline R. Graboys Fund