Office of Undergraduate Research announces Winter/Spring 2022 grant recipients

Congratulations to students and faculty mentors for their research endeavors

Office of Undergraduate Research recently announced the Winter/Spring 2022 recipients of the Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) awards.

Kiki Bekkum - Psychology

  • Supervisor: Professor Elizabeth Richardson
  • Title: Does Contact With Personal Experiences of Mental Illness Add to Education-Based Stigma Interventions for University Students? A Pilot Trial With Mixed Methods

Christina Hart - Mechanical Engineering

  • Supervisor: Professor Hangjian Ling
  • Title: Drag Reduction of Super-Hydrophobic Spheres in Laminar Flows 

Zachary Pereira - Bioengineering

  • Supervisor: Professor Milana Vasudev 
  • Title: Plasmid Insertion into Iridescent Bacteria Cellulophaga lytica 

Andrea Pires - Biology

  • Supervisor: Professor Pia Moisander
  • Title: Factors Influencing Colonization Rates of Marine Biofilm Bacteria

Nathanial Keighley - Bioengineering

  • Supervisor: Professor Laura Hanzly 
  • Title: Effects of Genetically Modified Food on Zebrafish Growth and Gene Expression 

Kayla Rausch - History of Art & Architecture

  • Supervisor: Professor Pamela Karimi
  • Title: Architecture, Taste, and Morality in Antebellum New England 

Ian Sullivan - Bioengineering

  • Supervisor: Professor Steven Zanganeh
  • Title: Design and Development of Chronic Wound-Healing Composite Patch for Restoring Endogenous Repair Mechanisms 

Breana Thibodeaux - Bioengineering

  • Supervisor: Professor Tracie Ferreira
  • Title: Toxicity Testing of Recycled Plastic in Asphalt 

Chisom Unegbu, Emily Silva, and Naomi Nommi - Biology

  • Supervisor: Professor Tara Rajaniemi
  • Title: Root responses to soil microbial community 

Alexa Van Voorhis - Bioengineering

  • Supervisor: Professor Tracie Ferreira
  • Title: Recombinant Proteins in Rhodococcus Ocapus for the Conversion of Chitin to Biofuel  

Jillian Wilson and Zackary Walton - Bioengineering

  • Supervisor: Professor Qinguo Fan
  • Title: Chitosan Hydrogel-Microsponge Polymer Drug Delivery System

In this cycle, the Office of Undergraduate Research also granted a number of travel awards to students who will present their research projects at important national conferences. Another cycle of the OUR grants will be announced in the spring.

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