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Network Registration

The university requires that all devices (laptops, desktops, and servers) physically connected to the university network must be registered using a valid UMassD logon (email username and password). 

Once you register your computer, you will have access to the Internet and other university resources.

By registering your computer or other network-enabled device, you agree to comply with the university's Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources Policy.

Responsibility of registering a device

CITS recommends that you register only computers and/or devices for which you are directly responsible.

  • Anyone who registers a computer is responsible for the traffic generated from that computer and may be subject to any legal implications pertaining to that traffic.
  • Any investigation of a network policy violation begins with the individual who registered the computer or device on the network.

Example: If CITS receives a report of a filesharing violation, the person who registered the computer may be held responsible even if he/she is not the owner of the computer implicated in the violation.

Temporary access to the network

Temporary network access may be provided to campus affiliates with proper authorization. We require at least a week's notice to set up access, so we ask that you please plan your request well in advance.

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