2015 2015: Emmanuel R. Fernandes Jr.: Gaining professional confidence at Hasbro

2015 2015: Emmanuel R. Fernandes Jr.: Gaining professional confidence at Hasbro
Emmanuel R. Fernandes Jr.: Gaining professional confidence at Hasbro

This summer, Emmanuel R. Fernandes Jr. interned in the Digital Technology department at Hasbro in Pawtucket, RI.

‌Update: Emmanuel is currently Associate Project Manager, Digital Technology - International at Hasbro.

Emmanuel R. Fernandes Jr. ’17 transferred to UMass Dartmouth last year to major in management information systems (MIS) with a concentration in digital business/e-commerce. This summer, the Fall River resident interned in the Digital Technology department at Hasbro, a global toy, game, and entertainment company located in Pawtucket, RI.

Management information systems: balancing technical with social

I’ve always been fascinated with technology. I grew up a big gamer and my passion got me interested in digital technology.

I didn’t know which aspect of the field I wanted to get into. I started by taking programming classes, but I realized that wasn’t the route I wanted to take.

I’m a very social person, so I entered the MIS program. I believe MIS offers a good balance of technical and social.

Internship with Hasbro

I signed up for Prof. Griffin’s email list to get alerts about internships in the area and saw the Hasbro internship opportunity.

I’m part of the International Project Management team for the Digital Technology Department at Hasbro. We manage the process of launching websites for countries that Hasbro has a presence in. We currently deal with 35 locales. I’ve been in constant contact with all of them for numerous projects.

The international team deals with all brands under the Hasbro name. We work closely with marketing teams from each country and develop sites that meet their marketing strategies.

Daily lessons in management

I learn a lot on a daily basis. I get to observe how work is structured in an office. I’m learning a lot about how much planning goes into management. Each company may have different processes, but I now understand the overall process of what it takes to organize and manage projects and teams.

Another benefit is learning how to communicate with others from different parts of the world. I face new problems with every project, and I’m tested on my ability to overcome them.

Experience for a future career

My internship will open more opportunities for me. I’ve earned priceless education on how to be a successful employee in the workforce. Gaining this experience now will make me more polished and confident in my professional career.

I had no experience prior to this internship, and now I have a full summer's worth of knowledge and experience to support the skills I have to offer.

Getting involved on campus

I transferred to UMassD this year and wanted to take care of my courses before branching out into the community. I finished my spring semester with straight As, so I feel comfortable in looking into joining some organizations on campus. One organization I’m interested in joining is the Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA), a campus organization for leadership and entrepreneurship.

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