Lydia Stormwind
Feature Stories 2020: Lydia Stormwind '22
Lydia Stormwind '22

A student-athlete motivated to achieve more

When she’s on campus, Lydia Stormwind is a busy student-athlete on the field hockey team. After this Littleton, MA native switched to major in accounting, she discovered she wanted to be a CPA and went full steam ahead pursuing her new major.

The class that made me decide to be an accountant: “After a few accounting courses, I switched majors from marketing to accounting. Financial accounting was where it all started to click. My brain was absorbing and retaining all this information and I just wanted to learn more!”

On the field hockey team, I’m known as: “The mediator. I’m not the loudest, but I love being part of the team.”

What motivates me: “I’ve always been a motivated student, but at UMass Dartmouth, it really kicked into high gear. I got a small merit scholarship and that fueled me even more. Being a student-athlete and representing UMassD is part of what motivates me to always strive for more.”

After I graduate: “I’m going to pursue becoming a Certified Public Accountant. I know the test is hard, but I know that I will be prepared. I’d like to stay in Massachusetts to live and work—there are so many opportunities here.”