2020 2020: Office of Undergraduate Research announces winners of 2019 Winter grants
Office of Undergraduate Research announces winners of 2019 Winter grants

The overall quality of the applications demonstrated the high level of undergraduate research conducted at UMass Dartmouth

The Office of Undergraduate Research recently announced the winners of the 2019 Winter grants.

The winners include:

Aleksey Bourgoun, Mechanical Engineering - Supervisor: Professor Hangjian Ling

  • Title: “An experimental study of the life-time of underwater super-hydrophobic surfaces”

Stefan Bruendl, Computer & Information Science - Supervisor: Professor Hua Fang

  • Title: “Researching 60 GHz communication with USRP machines”

Sophia Costa, Chemistry & Biochemistry - Supervisor: Professor Shuowei Cai

  • Title: “Towards understanding the neuronal protective effects of strawberries”

Selines Diaz, Nursing - Supervisor: Professor Kathleen Elliott

  • Title: “What are the benefits and barriers of seeking treatment for pregnant women with an addiction to drugs and the role of the healthcare support in this process.”

Sarah Dulac, Mechanical Engineering - Supervisor: Professor Banafsheh Seyed-Aghazadeh

  • Title: “Harbor seal vibrissa morphology inspires studying footprints left behind moving hydrodynamic objects for future development of underwater sensors”

Benjamin Guan-Kennedy, Animation & Game Arts - Supervisor: Professor Shawne Towne

  • Title: “Of two worlds: the cross-cultural experience of immigrant artists”

Jonathan Lake, Bioengineering - Supervisor: Professor Milana Vasudev

  • Title: “Electrical stimulation of neural progenitor cells on peptide nanotubes”

Matthew Machado, Nursing - Supervisor: Professor Jennifer Viveiros

  • Title: “Reasons offered by heart failure patients for non-adherence with prescribed medication”

Alana McGraw, Biology - Supervisor: Professor Mark Silby

  • Title: “Exploring interspecies social spreading: analyzing the behavior of P. fluorescens and Pedobacter sp. V48 cocultured on plant roots”

Grant Mooney, Political Science - Supervisor: Professor Robert Darst

  • Title: “American Nightmare: Examining American Dystopias”

Joshua Nickandros, Nursing - Supervisor: Professor Maryellen Brisbois

  • Title: “Supportive therapy targeting depression and emotional distress in cancer patients”

Nicholas Olson, Biology - Supervisor: Professor Kathryn Kavanagh

  • Title: “Developmental mechanisms in the evolution of vertebral number”

Maxwell Shangraw, Mechanical Engineering - Supervisor: Professor Hangjian Ling

  • Title: “Study of the anti-biofouling properties of super-hydrophobic surfaces”

Jennifer Woehl, Chemistry & Biochemistry - Supervisor: Professor Patrick Cappillino

  • Title: “Bio-inspired, high-stability, non-aqueous redox flow battery active material”