Feature Stories 2014: Joshua Encarnacion: Next stop: Google

Feature Stories 2014: Joshua Encarnacion: Next stop: Google
Joshua Encarnacion: Next stop: Google

Joshua Encarnacion was recognized as one of "29 Who Shine," an elite group of students representing the Commonwealth's 29 public colleges and universities.

‌Joshua Encarnacion '14 of Springfield, MA, has majored in human resources management and minored in leadership and civic engagement. Active in many leadership roles, he also served as Student Trustee. Josh has been offered a position with Google's Human Resources Department.

Named to "29 Who Shine"

Josh was recently recognized as one of "29 Who Shine," an elite group of students representing the Commonwealth's 29 public colleges and universities, who were honored for their academic achievements and civic contributions. 

‌Tell us about your UMass Dartmouth experience.

I was originally admitted through College Now, our alternative admissions program. With College Now mentorship and guidance, I worked my way into the College of Engineering, where I pursued a degree in Civil Engineering. I was doing well, thanks to the teachings of College Now. However, I had no real interest in becoming an engineer. The idea of being one was cool, but ultimately, I knew Civil Engineering wasn't for me.

My sophomore year, I enrolled in Leadership 200, a course taught by our Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs, Dr. David Milstone. The class content, coupled with Dr. Milstone's support and guidance, allowed me to discover my knack for strategy, passion for connecting with people, and thirst for knowledge in the field of human relations. I was a Charlton College of Business, Human Resources Management student by spring semester of my sophomore year.

I'm grateful to have had the experiences of learning from professors in the College Now Program, College of Engineering, and Charlton College of Business. They're all a big reason why I live unafraid of challenges, and why I'm open to working with and learning from anyone I have the chance of meeting!

What are your plans following graduation?

I'll be working for Google's Human Resources Department in Northern California. I plan on working hard to help Google make the world a better place for all 7 billion+ people that roam Planet Earth.

Tell us about your leadership roles.

I've assumed a wide variety of leadership roles at UMass Dartmouth. I've served as Senior Class President, Admissions Ambassador, Orientation Leader, Residence Assistant, and as UMass Dartmouth's Student Trustee.

These positions have led to a lot of responsibilities. I've hosted events for students including tours for prospective students and the first overnight stay for incoming students. While promoting the University and introducing students to campus resources, I've been able to contribute to building our community.

As a UMass Dartmouth representative on the UMass system's Board of Trustees, I've been able to make sure that UMass continues to provide an affordable and accessible experience for students in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and all around the world.

I love this school, so I feel my main responsibility has been to do my best to see that everyone else loves UMass Dartmouth just as much as I do!

What have been the challenges and benefits of being so involved?

The biggest challenge with my involvement at UMass Dartmouth has been trying to figure out who I am as a person, what I'm interested in doing in life, and why. I still don't have all the answers to these questions, but I'm thankful that UMass Dartmouth has influenced me in a way that allows me to think of asking these questions.

The biggest benefit from confronting these challenges is that I've learned how to recognize my talents. I now look for purpose in everything I'm involved in. It's fun to know that every day, I'm working towards goals that allow me to grow happier and healthier by using my unique talents to be a genuine service for others.

What have your learned?

My experiences at UMass Dartmouth have allowed me to live with a lot more appreciation for the people in my life. I can proudly say that I now understand what it means to live in service of others.

I've learned that I love learning and people, and that I have a lot more left to learn. And it's okay to laugh at yourself when you have a million things to do and keep telling yourself you have no time to do anything.

I've developed genuine skills—like listening with empathy, communicating with good intentions, empowering others for success, and being able to put selfish interest aside for the benefit of a team. These skills allowed me to stand out as an individual when applying for jobs. More importantly, these skills let me stand out as a contributing member of society.

What has been your experience attending NCSL?

I've been able to attend the National Center for Student Leadership Conference (NCSL). During NCSL Conferences, students have the opportunity to attend skill-building workshops, listen to professional keynote presentations that provide leadership and college-to-career knowledge, and meet inspirational people with amazing stories.

I've made life-long friends from all over the nation and have had great fun hanging out in historical cities. I highly recommend that every student look into attending an NCSL conference.

What makes UMass Dartmouth special?

The people who work here. It doesn't matter where you come from or what you'd like to accomplish; you'll find faculty, staff, administration, and even surrounding community members who are dedicated to helping you grow as an accomplishing professional and outstanding human being. Every day the people who work at UMass Dartmouth model how to be special and stay kind!