Alexander Nwonye
Feature Stories 2020: Alexander Nwonye '22
Alexander Nwonye '22

Preparing for a career in computer engineering

Alexander Nwonye ’22 came from Nigeria and found a solid education at UMass Dartmouth that will prepare him for a successful computer engineering career. Along the way, he’s developed a network of friends and supporters at UMassD through the many clubs and organizations he’s joined.

The biggest adjustment: “I came to UMass Dartmouth from Nigeria through the Navitas Global Student Success program. Moving to a new country is hard, but it has been a great experience meeting new people. I love the location and environment here at UMassD.”

I chose to major in computer engineering because: “I wanted to be like my dad. He’s a mechanical engineer, so I always thought that’s what I wanted to do. But I prefer working with computers so I’m taking a different direction with my engineering career.”

Getting a glimpse into the working world: “I participated in the UMassD/Dell EMC Changing the Face of Technology Leadership Experience. We toured the company and met employees. I learned how to organize my resume and practice interview skills so I will be prepared when it’s time for me to land an internship, then a job.”

When I am not studying: “I work on campus in CITS and belong to a few student clubs. I’m in the African Student Association, the Rhythms of Africa Dance Group, and the Fashion, Art & Design Club.”

On affording college: “All students—whether they come from out of state, abroad, or right here in Dartmouth—are trying to make ends meet. Knowing that the UMassD community is here to generously support us through financial assistance brings peace of mind.”