Tocci family builds a legacy at UMassD

Three Tocci sons look forward to successful futures

Family of four
The Toccis: Dylan '21; Ashley, who did not attend UMassD; Danny '17, JD '20 and Sean '19

When a parent sends their child off to college, their wish is for them to be happy, successful, and safe.

Susan and Sean Tocci’s wish was granted—three times, in fact—at UMass Dartmouth.

UMass Dartmouth has become a second home for the Tocci family, with three of their four children attending. Danny was a 2017 graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences with a degree in political science and minors in sustainability studies and economics. As a part of the 3+3 program, he completed his J.D. at UMass Law in May. Sean, Jr. majored in data science and graduated in 2019. And Dylan is now looking forward to graduating in 2021. He’s studying computer and electrical engineering and has entered the accelerated BS-to-MS program for engineering students.

“When we started looking at colleges for Danny, I was nervous about putting him into debt with student loans,” Susan said. “UMass Dartmouth was an affordable option. And, he was interested in law, so the 3+3 program with UMass Law was appealing to us.”

Next up was Sean. But did he really want to attend the same college as his brother? As it turned out, it was a great idea.

While at UMassD together, Danny and Sean immediately became involved in campus life. They both held jobs in the Office of Student Affairs, joined Chi Phi fraternity, and other student clubs. Danny also spent two semesters studying abroad in Germany.

When it was Dylan’s turn, UMassD was at the top of the list. At just the right size, Dylan was immediately drawn to the close-knit community feel of the campus. He, too, joined the fraternity and got involved in student organizations. From water polo to disc golf to the Cyber Security Education Club to the Student Bar Association, the Toccis immersed themselves in campus life and grew into student leaders. It’s even deepened their brotherly bond, Susan says.

“We found a hidden gem in UMass Dartmouth,” she said.

Hopeful for the future

The education and experiences that Danny, Sean, and Dylan received at UMassD has Susan beaming with pride and hopeful for their futures.

“My sons are starting ahead of their peers at other schools because of UMass Dartmouth,” Susan said. “They took advantage of every opportunity, got involved in everything and made connections with faculty members that might not have happened at another college.”

Danny already has a job offer after graduating from UMass Law and Sean works as a computer teacher. Dylan’s future is just as bright, with an internship opportunity already awaiting him for senior year.

Susan and her husband are proud of their sons and grateful for the financial support of scholarships and financial aid that helped them along the way. The family felt compelled to support UMassD students through the recent Student Emergency Fund for unexpected financial needs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“These students are the future. I wanted to give back to the place has benefitted our family so much,” she said. “Anything that can help someone achieve their dream is so important. Sometimes a student needs just a little extra to help.”

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