Commencement Spotlight.Class of 2021
After completing internships in immigration and criminal law, Anthony Moser, JD candidate '21 looks forward to his future career as a prosecutor.
Feature Stories 2021: Commencement Spotlight: Anthony Moser, JD candidate '21
Commencement Spotlight: Anthony Moser, JD candidate '21

Plans a future career in criminal law and will join the Miami State Attorney’s Office as a prosecutor

While attending UMass Law, Anthony Moser, JD candidate ’21 held internships that immersed him in the practice of law at the Federal Public Defenders in the Northern District of Texas, the Los Angeles County Public Defenders, and the law school’s Immigration Law Clinic.

“All of this work involved representing clients in litigation and advancing their best interests zealously,” said Moser of Racine, WI. “The cases ranged from deportation proceedings and visa applications to a high-profile kidnapping and national conspiracy case.”

Moser’s work in Texas might be the most memorable as a 2019 National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers Diversity Fellow. “The high-profile kidnapping case occurred the week I arrived at the Federal Public Defenders Office. I was involved extensively in drafting multiple motions on the client’s behalf. The case involved the snatching of an eight-year-old girl. Ultimately, the client received life in prison.”

For his work on this case, Moser was featured in the August 2019 issue of The Champion magazine published by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

The national conspiracy case involved a multi-state organization that specialized in manufacturing fraudulent documents. “I assisted in the charge-bargaining for the case with the United States Attorney’s Office and helped counsel the client during his proffer of information with them,” Moser said.

These experiences fueled Moser’s passion for criminal law. He majored in Criminal Justice and minored in Spanish at Elmhurst University in Elmhurst, IL. “Criminal law is my passion and it has always been a part of my life from a young age. My dad is a huge motivator for me and seeing his struggles with the criminal justice system has always motivated me to change things for the better,” Moser said.

At UMass Law, he served as vice president of the Black Law Students Association and was president of the Criminal Law Society. Although classes were held remotely this semester, the society held regular meetings and hosted a Federal Public Defenders Panel, a Formerly Incarcerated Individuals Panel, a Criminal Prosecutorial Panel, a mentorship program, and trivia night. Moser is also the weekend manager at the UMass Dartmouth Fitness Center.

Beginning in August, Moser will join the State Attorney’s Office in Miami, FL as a prosecutor working on criminal cases. “I look forward to assisting the community in any way I can,” Moser said. “My future plan and goal are to one day operate my own criminal defense firm and return to academia in some capacity.”

Anthony Moser with fellow interns at the Federal Public Defender's in Texas
Anthony Moser (front row, third from left) with fellow summer interns at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit in New Orleans. The group from the Federal Public Defender's for the Northern District of Texas attended oral arguments at the court.

UMass Law offered Moser many opportunities

Moser said his experience at UMass Law was “interesting and unforgettable. Notwithstanding the Covid situation, UMass Law presented me with countless extraordinary legal opportunities and allowed me to meet friends that will be in my life for a long time. I feel that UMass Law prepared me extremely well for my future career as they presented me with numerous opportunities to gain practical experience and hone my professional skills.

“UMass Law has opened so many doors for me,” Moser continued. “It is truly incredible. As a person of color, I am happy I found a place that believed in me. I would not trade my legal experience at UMass Law for anything.

“I am happy I chose UMass Law and am excited to see where my degree takes me,” he added.