David Prairie
David Prairie earned his PhD in 2020 and is now a systems engineer at the Naval Underwater Warfare Center.
Feature Stories 2021: David Prairie '20: The value of conducting research
David Prairie '20: The value of conducting research

David says conducting research as a PhD student prepared him to succeed and advance in his chosen field.

"I selected UMass Dartmouth’s College of Engineering because of the faculty who are experienced engineers in academia and industry," says David Prairie, who recently earned his PhD in electrical engineering with a computer engineering option. "My advisor, Dr. Paul Fortier, mentored me on how to apply my academics to my work in the industry and assisted me with professional networking opportunities."

Attending professional conferences led David to his first international excursion: a trip to Scotland where he presented his research at the IEEE System Engineering Conference. "This allowed me to network with other professionals and gain experience presenting to other academics. The experience further helped prepare me for technical presentations at work by teaching me how to articulate technical designs and lead discussions."

"Conducting research also opened new doors at work, allowed me to stand out to the management team, and promoted career growth." David currently works with the Naval Underwater Warfare Center as a systems engineer.