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UMass BuyWays, the University's eProcurement system, is a one-stop shopping center for eProcurement that provides users with an easy to use solution to process all procurement requirements. UMass BuyWays is used for internal review and approval of requisitions and electronic distribution of Purchase Orders once a requisition has passed all required approval levels.

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BuyWays Information

Procurement Manual

Section 2 of the Procurement Manual covers details related to BuyWays. Frequently requested information, links and forms have been included below for your convenience

Access to BuyWays

University employees are automatically setup with the "Shopper" and "Contracts Requester"roles within BuyWays. In order to obtain the "Requisitioner" or "Approver" role an employee must first attend training and then complete the User Access Security Form and submit it to, the data custodian and controller. For more information on user roles refer to the Procurement Manual Section 2.1 The BuyWays eProcurment Solution.

For more information about the security process: Security Access Overview

For Training Questions,  contact

UPST Procurement Training - Schedule and Information 

Training for BuyWays

Training is provided by request for staff and faculty who need access to BuyWays to be a "Requisitioner" or "Approver". UPST Unified Services Procument in the president's office provides BuyWays Training upon request. Refer to this website for BuyWays training: 

Job Aids/User Guides

Punch-out Catalogs

BuyWays hosts a number of Punch-out Catalogs with various suppliers that provide an amazon like shopping experience for many frequently purchased contract items. For more information on Punch-out Catalogs go to the Procurement Manual Section ‌2.9 Change Orders

Adding New Suppliers/Vendors

Prior to creating a requisition for a vendor the vendor must be active in the University's Vendor Database. In order to add new vendors to the database the department must obtain a W9 from the vendor and complete the Vendor Request Form.  Vendor information is then verified with the Internal Revenue Service and checked against a number of watch list to ensure the University can legally conduct business transactions with the vendor. From the time a fully completed W9 and Vendor Request Form are received it normally requires 5 business days to enter them as a vendor. If incomplete information is received or if other issues arise when conducting the verification process then the process may be delayed and the timeframe is specific to each situation. 

Questions, Point of Contacts
Jenny Lozier-Fontaine
Phone: 774-455-7577

Randy Fay
Phone: 774-455-7531

Shared Services Information

Account & Commodity Codes

Each time a requisitioner or shopper creates a requisition in BuyWays they must assign each line item to the correct "Account Code" & "Commodity Code" to ensure that the requisition follows the appropriate approval path and is tracked correctly in the University Accounting System and Fixed Asset System. Refer to the following Account Code Crosswalk for a list and description of account & commodity codes.

Purchase Order Terms and Conditions

All Purchase Orders issued through BuyWays are issued per the University's Purchase Order Terms and Conditions.


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