The Honors Program enriches students' experiences

UMass Dartmouth’s Honors Program enriches students' educational experiences with lessons of leadership, scholarship, creativity, and community.

Honors students are supported in pursuing original research, undertaking creative activities, and preparing for graduate studies and their chosen professions. They have the opportunity, said Francis Ndicu '16, "to enroll in small discussion-based classes with some of the most talented faculty on campus."

Benefits of being an honors student

But "there is more to the program than just classes," he added. The benefits of being an honors student include early registration for classes and housing in campus apartments or townhouses after freshman year.

And there are social events planned by the Honors Council, projects that promote involvement at UMass Dartmouth and in the community, and opportunities to network with other students and professionals.

Leadership opportunities

Kiley Alpaugh '15, student director of the Honors Council, has applied her leadership skills not only within the program but also in the wider community. A psychology major, she volunteers with Compeer, a campus organization that connects students with people who have mental illnesses to promote understanding, acceptance, and friendship.

"I’ve learned many lessons about leadership, including how to get students engaged, how to be in charge of a group, what resources can be used and how to find them, and most importantly, how to truly work with others—even through problems that unexpectedly arise," she said.

Pathway to future success

"Participation in the honors program offers an intimate, challenging, and rewarding university experience within a small community of active and engaged students and faculty," said program director Prof. Avery Plaw.

"It really nurtures students' creativity and their confidence in developing and presenting their own work," he added.  "It opens opportunities for challenging careers and further education—and often supplies some of the students' best memories of university life."

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