Computer Science major Alexander Moulton
Alexander Moulton, a recent UMassD graduate, earned his computer science degree at the College of Engineering.
Feature Stories 2021: Alexander Moulton '21: Computer science major
Alexander Moulton '21: Computer science major

Alexander Moulton shares why he chose to pursue his computer science degree at UMassD's College of Engineering.

From pathways to internship opportunities, faculty mentorship and peer-to-peer collaboration, Alexander Moulton talks about why he chose UMassD's computer science program.

Why UMassD's computer science program?

"I chose to go into the computer science program because I like creative problem-solving. Every problem that software seeks to solve is a puzzle that has infinitely many solutions. The computer science program at UMassD had several options when I first applied and is constantly growing. Recently, new concentrations in artificial intelligence, computer game design, and cybersecurity were added. I earned my BS in computer science with a concentration in software engineering and I'm currently pursuing my MS as a part of the BS/MS program."

Course rigor

"The computer science program has an advanced capstone program. As a member of an agile development team, you will build software solutions for real companies and organizations. Some of these employers are competitive software companies around the south shore area and others are non-profits that request projects that will significantly impact the way they execute their mission. Many students continue on with the companies that they did their capstone for after graduation."

Real-world experience

"I’ve been fortunate enough to continue working on my capstone project with Rite-Solutions in an internship capacity. I’ve been able to develop additional features and become familiar with the daily operations and practices of a CMMI level 3 software company. My foundational knowledge of programming languages such as Java, JavaScript, HTML, and Python I’ve gained from UMass Dartmouth has helped me continue this project. My education in the software engineering process has likely been the most influential attribute at this internship, however. I’ve planned tasks, estimated costs, researched new components to integrate and replace, and written documentation to support this project and I think it’s this knowledge that truly sets me apart as a software engineering professional."

Faculty mentorship

"I’ve been fortunate to have had an excellent experience with my academic advisor, Professor Iren Valova. Professor Valova was instrumental to my success at UMassD. She gave me suggestions for technical electives that would help me in the pursuit of my career goals. More broadly, the computer science faculty is engaging and passionate about their research and teaching the next generation of computer scientists. They are all hard-working, knowledgeable, and dedicated to your success as much as you are."

Peer-to-peer collaboration

"Engineering is a team-driven practice. Working with other developers is an integral skill that is pivotal in the workplace. Because engineering is also creative by nature, two engineers approaching the same problem may solve it differently. Working on projects with peers is an excellent opportunity to diversify your knowledge base. I’ve been able to learn better ways of solving certain problems, better tools to use to aid in the building process, and how to communicate manage tasks more effectively with the collaborative approach the program uses."