Larain Taylor
Larain graduates from UMassD in May of 2021 with her BS in operations management.
Feature Stories 2021: Larain Taylor ’21: An entrepreneurial mind
Larain Taylor ’21: An entrepreneurial mind

Blending community service work, networking, and exposure to big business is part of Larain’s strategy for inventing her future as an entrepreneur.

Larain Taylor ’21, an operations management major with a minor in management, has learned what makes a strong leader and strives to build a better tomorrow through hard work and the power of community. Larain is inventing her future as a young entrepreneur – step by step.

Interning with Habitat for Humanity

In Lexington, Virginia, Larain interned for Habitat for Humanity where she gained practical experience in project management. During the internship, she oversaw the development of multiple housing projects in various stages of completion. She says, “I was humbled and impressed by the volunteers that worked steadfastly to help those in need. For that reason, the most invaluable skill I learned with Habitat was what unifies a community and how to rally the strength of volunteers.”

Preparing to enter the real world

Larain says receiving career support and guidance from staff members at UMass Dartmouth is helping her find her way as she prepares to enter the real world. “Monica Faria, in the STAR Center, helped me find the courage to explore new possibilities. Juma Miller, in the Charlton College of Business, has imparted onto me wisdom and encouragement. Dr. Kent Davis, in the Career Center, has given me guidance on how to navigate the business world, as well as key knowledge on how to better my professional writing skills.” Larain says, “Building a professional network can present you with more opportunities than you can provide for yourself.”

Participating in “Changing the Faces of Technology”

This spring Larain participated in the Dell EMC Changing the Faces of Technology workshop. Black History 4 Season Co-Chair Margaret Dias is the Executive Director of IT and Assurance at UmassD, and the co-organizer of UMass Dartmouth’s partnership with Dell EMC, whose aim is to recruit students of color to the tech industry. “Mrs. Dias presented me the opportunity to attend Dell EMC’S Changing the Face of Technology workshop.

The experience was insightful, as I was able to learn about life at Dell Technologies, how the company operates, and what opportunities they offer to better its employees.” Larain says, “What I valued foremost about the workshop was the opportunity to talk to recent graduates about the transition from college to the workplace. Secondarily, I enjoyed the challenges the workshop presented, it required me to apply many lessons I learned about working in teams as well as the value of grit and determination.”