Abderahmane Naidjate, UMass Dartmouth College of Engineering student
Upon graduation, Abderahmane Naidjate will begin his career at Dell EMC as a project/program manager.
Feature Stories 2021: Abderahmane Naidjate '21 joins Dell EMC
Abderahmane Naidjate '21 joins Dell EMC

Abderahmane Naidjate '21, who graduates next month with his BS in Computer Engineering, talks about how UMassD has fostered his career path and helped him segue into a full-time position as a project/program manager at Dell EMC.

“During my time at UMass Dartmouth, I feel as though I have been able to gain a plethora of skills and experience. The extracurriculars greatly boosted my interpersonal and leadership skills. In high school, I was very much introverted and often times would step away from the spotlight. At UMassD, I saw a great culture of service and leadership."

A network of support

“UMass Dartmouth students are a huge part to contributing to my academic success as well as the future. I became a resident assistant due to my peers and my RAs freshman year. UMassD should take pride in its student body diversity as well as its students’ drive and initiative to implement a community of togetherness. When we create a revolving door of student leaders and academic achievers inspiring the next incoming class, this contributes massively towards our success––individually and as an institution. “

A resourceful community

“There are multiple factors that have contributed to my success during the four years I have attended UMassD. Without the students, I would not have been inspired to become a student leader and voice on this campus. Without the university’s resources, I would not have been able to travel to the National Convention for the National Society of Black Engineers. Nor would I have received an internship that has helped jumpstart my career in the tech industry. UMassD is a community that should continue to invest in its students and strive to provide a platform for students to inspire each other as the leaders of tomorrow.”

Landing a position at Dell EMC

“My plans after graduation are to start working at Dell Technologies under their Services Leadership and Development Program. This is a two-year rotational program that will give me the opportunity to work as a project/program manager across four different teams within the company. I will be developing my skills as well as expanding my network.”

Longer-term career goals

“After the two years, I plan to pursue my MBA to help me move up the ladder in the tech industry. My goal is to eventually become the CEO and founder a Fortune 50 company within the industry. I plan to continue to reach the lives of people of color like myself to help create job growth and philanthropic opportunities within the community as well as my beloved home of Africa.”