Policy on Course Buy-Outs

Policy Number ACA-025
Effective Date July 01, 2005
Responsible Office/Person Academic Affairs
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University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

Academic Affairs Division

Policy on Course Buy-Outs


A. Basic Definition of Faculty Work Profile

60% Teaching and Advising

40% Research and Service

At a standard load of 6 courses per academic year, one course equals 10 percent.

B. Buy-Out Policy (Academic Year basis)

The course buy-out amount per 3-credit course is dependent upon the source of     funding for the buy-out:

  1. For a course buy-out being funded by an external grant or contract, the   buyout is 10 percent of the base academic-year salary plus fringe benefits.
    The indirect cost rate is only applied to salaries in the grant.
  2. For a course buy-out being funded from a P.I.’s indirect cost account, the  buyout is 10 percent of the base academic-year salary.
  3. For a course buy-out being funded by a university internal grant program, the buyout is replacement costs.

The salary source funds (e.g., state maintenance dollars) remain with the academic       unit, e.g., the individual’s department. Funds released by a buy-out are available for     use in hiring replacement instruction.

C. Accounting and Calculation of Instructional FTE

Buy-out funds from external grant or contract funds will be used to pay 10 percent of the researcher’s base academic-year salary. Replacement TAs, PTLs, or FTLs are  not to be hired from grant or contract funds but from the reduced salary source, e.g., from state maintenance. Please note that state maintenance - CSF swaps can occur.

In the case of buy-outs from faculty indirect cost accounts, an amount equal to 10 percent of the faculty member’s base academic-year salary will be transferred from the faculty member’s indirect cost account to the department’s indirect cost account. The cost of the replacement faculty will be charged to the department’s indirect cost account.

For workload analysis, instructional FTE is calculated on the portion of salary that continues to be charged to the regular salary budget.



This policy is effective July 1, 2005.