CEN 428: Prob & Stats for Civil Engr - spring

Prerequisite: MTH 211or MTH 213, minimum grade of C-

General Education requirement: Natural Science Technology

Probability and statistics theories and application at the introduction and intermediate level. Topics include: discrete and continuous random variables and various distributions with an emphasis on civil and environmental engineering applications. Descriptive statistics, hypothesis testing, confidence intervals and linear regression analysis are covered. This course is intended for undergraduate students who are engaged in research or plan to pursue a graduate education.

2024 Spring
12847 01 Lecture 20 3.00
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MON TUE WED THU FRI SAT 12:30 PM EDT 1:45 PM EDT Science & Engr 114
Instructor: Nefeli Maria Bompoti Class status:
Prerequisite: MTH 211or MTH 213, minimum grade of C-
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