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Welcome to Academic Advising

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The Academic Advising Center, located on the first floor of the Foster Administration Building (Room 122) is open year-round. It offers academic advice and referral to students from all majors. The Center is staffed by full-time advisors, faculty members, and peers who encourage you to stop by for assistance.

The Academic Advising Center serves as the advisor for all Arts & Sciences Undeclared majors, Liberal Art majors (up to 45 credits), and all first and second year Business majors--as well as students in transition.

We believe students adjust better to academic life and make better academic and career decisions through regular conferences with their advisors. If you don't have a designated faculty advisor, come to us. We'll direct you to the department that has the right advisor for you. 

Each college has an academic advising network for its students, and the campus-wide Academic Advising Center serves students in transition. In general, students who have declared a major will be assigned an advisor within that major.

Students should consult with their advisors about course scheduling, registration procedures, grading practices, and other academic problems and concerns.